Política em estado puro: “Estou aqui para reaver os meus impostos!”

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Lembra a Gui, a propósito do 30º aniversário dos confrontos de Brixton, que “quando não há saídas, quando não há emprego ou os salários são demasiado baixos para viver, quando não há futuro, quando não há nada a perder – as pessoas reagem. a bem, ou a mal.” Acrescenta outro dado fundamental: “estiveram 500 000 pessoas nas ruas, em londres, em março deste ano, contra as medidas de austeridade. o governo inglês não ligou nenhuma.” Não podia estar mais coberta de razão.

Porque a resistência só é pacifica enquanto esta é capaz de reduzir a violência, Cameron tem no próximo dia 16 uma boa oportunidade de não continuar a fazer orelhas moucas:


5.30PM Protest at Haringey Youth Services
(10 Bruce Grove, Tottenham, London, N17 6RA)
7PM – Meeting at Day-Mer Community Centre

We demand:
•For a community and trade union enquiry into Mark Duggan’s death
•For immediate re-housing of all who have lost their homes in the fires
•For jobs and training opportunities for young people
•For the right to a free, decent, high quality education
•For the immediate re-opening of all the closed youth facilities. Investment in youth services – not cuts!
•No to stop and search and police harassment

Haringey has:
The highest youth unemployment rate in London,
54 jobseekers for every vacancy,
£41 million council cuts,
EMA slashed,
8 out of 13 youth clubs closed,
Police harassment and stop and search,

It is not surprising that young people are angry.
“This is the ghetto, this is the slums, they don’t care about us. I’ve been stopped outside my house by the police for no reason. There’s no jobs … but still they want to cut benefits. We ain’t got no way to survive and it’s like no-one don’t care about us.” A 26 yr old black man told reuters
“There’s nothing here for us.” The Guardian wasalso told by a young person on the 31 July warning of rioting as a result of 8 out of 13 youth clubs closures.

Youth services have been one of the worst hit as part of Haringey’s Labour-led council plans £41 million cuts over three years.
36% of children in Haringey grow up in families that struggle to buy basic goods.
The end of EMA for college students means we can’t afford to keep studying.
We face increased harassment from the police while there’s nothing for us to do and nowhere to go!
The policies of the Tory/Liberal government are making things worse.
But we will not defeat the government by rioting. On the contrary, the destruction of homes and services hugely exacerbates the problems our community faces.

Up and down the country the Tory government and local councils are closing our libraries, cutting jobs, cutting education, cutting benefits for the poor and cutting hospitals. If they are allowed to keep it up we will be worse off than our parent’s generation!
But Britain isn’t a poor country. While we suffer massive cuts the bankers that caused this crisis have been given £7bn bonuses and the wealth of the richest 1% of the country has gone up 50% in the past 30 years!

We need a mass movement of young people linking with workers who are fighting back.
750,000 people demonstrated on the 26 March against the cuts. They were joined by hundreds of thousands of teachers, lecturers, jobcentre workers and other civil servants who took strike action on the 30 June against attacks on their pensions.
If we link together with workers taking action and get organised to fight for our services and community we can beat this government that is looting our future!

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