uma palestina rarita

De vez em quando, surge algo em torno do cruzamento, inusitado para alguns, entre “Palestina” e “diversidade sexual”. Desta feita Haneen Maikey do grupo queer palestiniano Al Qaws deu uma recente entrevista ao International Viewpoint. Este activia potencia ao longo da entrevista a importância desta forma de activismo em desmistificar alguns dos muitos preconceitos presentes neste conflito, ao referir por exemplo que:

“As a movement, we are often marginalized in the media – if somebody writes about queers in Palestine, it’s often dismissive about what we have to say ourselves. Instead, the focus is on our supposed victim-hood, not on our accomplishments. That is one of the reasons we feel its important to talk about our experiences in meetings like this one or a recent speaking tour I did in the United States. Al Qaws is a queer and LGBT grassroots group that focuses on answering people’s individual needs and creating a community where people can freely acknowledge all their identities, without having to choose between for example being queer or being Palestinian. For us, this is part of a larger vision of challenging and breaking the current sexual and gender hierarchies in Palestinian society.’”

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