A revolução minuto a minuto

A partir dos vídeos do activista Ramy Raoof

Em directo da Praça Tahrir

No blogue da Aljazeera

2:26 am AJE Web producer reports that tension is rising at Kasr al Nil (bridge) entrance to Tahrir Square, saying “They expect an attack here.”

2:03 am The fire at the residential building seems to have subsided.

1:47 am Al Jazeera correspondent, reporting from just off Tahrir Square reports that dozens of Mubarak supporters have erected a barricades on either side of a road, trapping anti-government protesters. They are also gathering stones, breaking streetlights and putting on  balaclavas, covering their faces, apparently in preparation for a fresh standoff with anti-government protesters. Sources tell our correspondent that the men preparing for the standoff are police officers.

1:35 am Despite fires both at Tahrir Square and at a residential building, an AJE correspondent reports that there is no military intervention and there are no fire trucks on the scene.

1:17 am There are several cars on fire at Tahrir Square

1:01 am Pro-Mubarak supporters retreat to an overpass, where they are tossing petrol bombs at the crowd below. The army is not doing anything to intervene.

12:51 am A standoff is taking place in front of Egypt’s national museum, where rocks and petrol bombs are flying.

12:45 am AJE Web producer, reporting from Tahrir Square says large caliber shots are being fired by the Egyptian army. It seems that they’re “shooting in the air.’

12:15 am Mustafa Hussein, a physician working in a makeshift hospital set up near Tahrir Square, tells Al Jazeera that the square is “in less chaos” and that the hospital is flooded with calls offering supplies. He also said that many of the injuries he saw today were head injuries as a result of protesters being pelted by rocks.

12:10 am AJE Web producer, reporting from Tahrir Square, reports no police presence at this point, and says that the anti-government protesters outnumbered the pro-Mubarak supporters.

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