Revista de imprensa

A culpa foi de Deus
Later, when asked for his thoughts on why Portugal had gone out of the competition, he replied pointedly: “Ask Queiroz.”
The worst indictment for Ronaldo is that it was the only memorable moment that could be attributed to him. For long spells he was only on the edges of this match and, when he comes to looking back over his World Cup, it will mostly be with regret at a poor tournament for him individually, regardless of the man-of-the-match awards that generously came his way in the group stages. Before the kick-off there was a moment when he held out his arms, tilted back his head and looked up to the skies as if it to request divine intervention. A great camera shot, but none came

Cristiano Ronaldo ao El País: “Manso é a tua tia, pá!”
Amansado Cristiano: El delantero, sin chispa, también fracasa en su segundo Mundial.
El País

A selecção não merece o Eduardo que tem
The match and Portugal’s World Cup were over, and goalkeeper Eduardo was on his knees and inconsolable in his penalty area. But if anyone on Portugal’s team should not have been in tears after Spain’s 1-0 victory Tuesday night, it was Eduardo.
New York Times

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