Não sei se é árabe, mas apetece-me

A estética também pode não ser do agrado de alguns imbecis

Sobre Nuno Ramos de Almeida

TERÇA | Nuno Ramos de Almeida
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  1. Ora, ora Nuno ’tás deserto de saber que são franceses…

    A história, para os que não lá chegaram ainda:

    La Mano Negra (“The Black Hand”) was a supposed secret and violent Anarchist organization that was founded in Andalucia, Spain at the end of the 19th century. The Spanish police accused most of the Spanish anarchists of being part of the organization. In the 1880s, Andalusia experienced a severe economic crisis. Due to the resulting misery and famine, farm workers revolted, burning and looting bakeries and numerous orchards. This led to the authorities’ carrying out mass arrests and public executions. Despite the debates that took place for years about the existence of this organization, it is now widely recognized in academic circles that it was a type of “false flag” invention by the Sagasta government in order to suppress peasant revolts in the south of Spain.

    Manu Chao’s parents were political exiles from Spain who moved to France escaping persecution from the dictatorship of Franco.

    “La Mano Negra” is also a common expression in Spanish to say “Aquí hubo mano negra” (“There was a black hand here”) to say that someone with authority in an event, manipulated things illegally for its benefit. The expression is also used sometimes as a name for illegal employment.

    However it is reading a comic Dominique Rousseau that the idea came to the group. Mano Negro was the name of a band of guerrillas in South America, and the band liked the black hand symbol.

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