Mulheres no Magrebe I

Roubado a Leil-Zahra Mortada
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  1. A despropósito das mulheres, e em inglishe, mas dá p’ra entender, do tal gajú que eu conheço demasiado bem:

    What people here say Kath is that “the West” led by the U.S. kind of did dig it’s own grave by supporting for years and years these dictatorial and corrupt arab regimes ‘cos they were «our corrupt and dictatorial».
    So who comes out looking good in the whole picture ? The islamic extremists that oppose them, the populace think they’re “heroes”.

    It appears that in the grand scheme of things we gave a boost to people that want to “exterminate” us and our way of living.
    Perhaps «dig our own grave» is an understatement. «Suicidal» more like it ??

    Lots of PT peeps (with kids and all…) managed to fly out of Egypt yesterday before something bad happened to them, Egypt is a fascinating country to us and relatively cheap to go there for a vacation.

    F#$k me !!
    Authorities in that country just shut down TV chan Al-Jazeera (it just means «The Arabian Peninsula») and so I can see it here, position 207 on the TV, and they don’t get it ?
    Thing is based in Doha, Quatar, another arab country, but it’s spoken in very good english.

    One can’t believe it… unless it hits you in the face. Police fled, now it’s the military patrolling the streets.
    Friends there take care…

  2. Excelente, a fotografia.

    Ali não existe sexo fraco!

  3. Guetto Jew diz:

    Caríssimo Renato Teixeira e restantes 5 dias, vejam alguns comentários e imagens do Egipto em:

  4. Paulo Topa diz:

    A fotografia é excelente e o título que lhe é dada também.

  5. Marota diz:

    Grande mulher, quando for grande quero ser assim!!!

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