Censura em Roma?

Posters showing a bullet-pierced Bible and a shotgun wrapped in dollar bills have sparked a censorship row in Italy. The posters, originally to be shown in Rome’s tube stations, have been deemed “inappropriate and offensive” by local public transport company ATAC.

The first poster poses the question: ‘What happens when the Camorra enters the church?’ (The Camorra is a mafia-like criminal society originating in Naples’ region) and was designed to promote the launch of Current Italy’s Vanguard season. Similarly, the second poster asks: ‘Is the US funding terrorists?’ and refers to Vanguard documentary America’s Secret War.

Tommaso Tessarolo, Current Italy’s GM, said he was surprised by the controversy because the posters have raised no objections in Milan.

Para uma ideia do trabalho da Vanguard no Current TV, podem ver este teaser:

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  1. Jalen diz:

    A few years ago I’d have to pay someone for this ifonrmiaton.

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