Estado da união

 O discurso sobre o Estado da União de Bush foi marketing impossível. Isto porque Bush está mais preocupado em recuperar a popularidade- que nesta altura é uma miragem- do que em apresentar propostas, ideias, estratégias, soluções. O Público de hoje afirma: “as propostas avançadas pelo Presidente eram praticamente irrelevantes. Independentemente da bondade das suas ideias, o que importava ontem à Casa Branca era marcar uma posição; recuperar a agenda política, desviar as atenções dos falhanços recentes, forçar apoios”. Conseguiu?
Editorial do NY Times:
Combined with the mounting cost of the war in Iraq, that makes boldness and innovation impossible unless Mr. Bush truly changes course. And he gave no hint of that last night. Instead, he offered up a tepid menu of ideas that would change little: a health insurance notion that would make only a tiny dent in a huge problem. More promises about cutting oil consumption with barely a word about global warming. And the same lip service about immigration reform on which he has failed to deliver.
 Editorial do San Francisco Chronicle:
“Many in this chamber understand that America must not fail in Iraq — because you understand that the consequences of failure would be grievous and far reaching,” Bush said.
Unfortunately for Bush, they do grasp the cost of a failed war strategy. It was on display last night, in so many ways.

Walter Shapiro, Salon
But there is nothing normal about a second-term president whose popularity is slipping dangerously close to Barry Bonds levels. Bush is more than a lame duck; he is akin to an aquatic bird carried around on a stretcher. Maybe the most memorable aspect of the 2007 State of the Union address is simply that Bush survived it.
  Editorial do LA Times
Of course, much of the president’s speech concerned Iraq, although he said little that was particularly original or helpful. What happens there, even more than what he said Tuesday night, will be the true test of the president’s seriousness and resolve in the months ahead.
 Editorial do Washington Post
President Bush offered the usual assurances last night about the healthy state of the union, but the state of his presidency has never been worse.

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